Evangelical Housing Association
Supporting EHA

Supporting EHA

As EHA is a registered mutual society, support for EHA is best expressed by becoming a member of the society. Members of the mutual society elect the EHA Management Committee from among the membership. This management committee is responsible for the day to day operation of EHA with members providing both accountability and support for this committee. Members receive an annual report and are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM of EHA. 

EHA welcomes membership applications from those within the FIEC and Grace Baptist church networks, as this provides a measure of accountability to the churches that EHA seeks to serve. 

Additionally EHA particularly welcomes applications for membership from anyone who could provide specific assistance in areas of their expertise. Such ‘consultant members’ increase the EHA’s management committee’s access to expert information and advice about specific issues as and when they arise. These could be people with experience of areas such as property management; conveyancing; surveying; plumbing and heating; electrical; house maintenance etc. 

Also EHA tries to recruit members who are willing to serve as local contacts in locations where it currently owns properties. Their role is to work with the responsible management committee member to help the tenants by examining the need for repairs as they arise; assisting the tenant and committee members in obtaining quotes from local tradesmen etc. and generally assisting the tenant if necessary. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of EHA in any of the roles outlined above please contact the EHA secretary for more information by using the Contact Us facility on the EHA website. 


EHA has charitable status and is funded by loans, donations, bequests and property bequeathed by Will. Although EHA can take out some mortgages, as tenants pay rent below the commercial rate, this restricts the amount EHA can borrow on a new property. The balance is funded from the proceeds of selling vacant properties and from the support of trusts, churches and individuals. 

If you would like to support the EHA financially please contact the EHA treasurer for more information by using the Contact Us facility on the EHA website.