Evangelical Housing Association

Evangelical Housing Association

A place to retire

Who we are

The purpose of the organisation

The Evangelical Housing Association serves the needs of retiring FIEC or Grace Baptist affiliated ministers and their wives by providing secure homes in retirement. It exists to support those who have lived in church or mission housing during their ministry and therefore do not have access to other accommodation or the means finance a property of their own.

The EHA also extends its support to FIEC or Grace Baptist church affiliated missionaries who have served abroad or in the UK who find themselves in need of housing in retirement. We will also consider applications from retiring ministers in EFCC churches and members of the FIEC Pastors’ Network serving in independent churches.

Since its establishment in 1974, EHA has provided many Christian workers with a secure home in retirement. At present we own and manage around 20 properties throughout England and Wales.

Although the EHA aims to provide for Christian workers from FIEC and Grace Baptist churches, it operates as an independent organisation regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Originally established under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, the EHA now operates as a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and is registered on the Mutuals Public Register – registration number 21575R. It has charitable status and is funded by loans, donations, bequests and property bequeathed by Will.

EHA is managed by a committee of individuals drawn from its membership

Committee members:

Roy Saint (Chairman), Rick McClure (Treasurer), Susan Deacon (Secretary), Derek French, Mike Morfin FRICS, Andrew Ottley, Candida Morris, Phil Topham (FIEC representative)

Registered office address:

41 The Point, Market Harborough LE16 7QU